Advanced Amazon Strategies

December 27, 2023

International development: Is Amazon a good channel to test a new country?

Embarking on the journey to conquer new markets presents a daunting task even for the most established brands. Whether brands already sell products on Amazon or not, a crucial question arose: Is Amazon a viable channel for testing a new country without excessive expenditure? The solution lies in a strategic approach designed to minimize financial risks while maximizing the potential of Amazon's extensive platform.

Market Sizing: Unveiling Insights from the Amazon Data Treasure Trove

Amazon stands not merely as a marketplace but as a treasure trove of invaluable data, offering a wealth of insights to savvy market entrants. The critical first step in expanding into a new market involves harnessing the power of Amazon's extensive database. This digital treasure trove becomes a strategic compass, guiding businesses to navigate uncharted territories with precision and confidence.

By delving into Amazon's data ecosystem, businesses can unearth granular details about consumer behavior, preferences, and purchase patterns specific to their industry. Analyzing historical sales data, customer reviews, and product rankings provides a comprehensive overview, enabling companies to make informed decisions about their potential market size.

Product Focus: Navigating Amazon's Product-Centric Landscape

Distinguishing itself from other channels, Amazon places a paramount emphasis on products rather than brands. This unique characteristic fundamentally shapes the dynamics of market entry, offering businesses an unparalleled opportunity to thrive in a product-centric landscape. The key lies in leveraging this inherent focus to strategically introduce your brand to a new market.

Harness this characteristic by commencing your market entry with a curated selection of 2 to 5 products. This not only allows you to test and learn but also provides key insights into the preferences and behaviors of your target audience.

Strategic Marketing Investment: Balancing Precision and Budget

Allocate a substantial marketing budget for each SKU, incorporating strategies like Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Vine, and compelling content. Despite this targeted marketing, keep the overall budget conservative. This strategic move offsets the initial lack of brand awareness, ensuring that your products capture attention in the competitive Amazon marketplace.

Expansion: Scaling Gradually with Success Metrics

Consider developing a comprehensive brand strategy and expanding your product line only if your initial offerings perform well. Monitor their performance, focusing on high rankings for relevant keywords. This step-by-step approach ensures that you organically scale your presence in a new market, aligning with the demands and preferences of the local audience.


When executed with precision—prioritizing top-quality products, SEO-driven content, and a well-calibrated advertising budget—the results of testing new markets on Amazon can be almost mechanical. Success tends to follow such a strategic approach. Even in the case of less-than-optimal outcomes, the financial investment remains low, transforming the experience into a valuable learning opportunity. Testing the waters on Amazon becomes not just a market exploration but a judicious investment in knowledge and insights.

So, whether you're a well-established brand or not, the strategic approach to testing new markets on Amazon offers a pathway to success. To delve deeper into this topic take a look at our guide on Amazon global selling.

It's time to unlock the potential of Amazon and elevate your market testing strategy.