About us

The ultimate e-commerce management hub, empowering businesses with intuitive AI tools and insights; where every e-commerce lever can be activated seamlessly under one roof.

Our Drive

Omny's mission is to harness the power of AI to increase online sales and simplify operations for businesses worldwide. We are dedicated to converting complex, multi-source data sets into clear insights and actionable recommendations, paving the way for streamlined, profitable operations

We Deliver

We turn our clients into top-performing online businesses. In the digital world, mere presence isn’t enough. By leveraging AI, we transform data into predictive insights and innovative strategies, setting brands apart and consistently outpacing the competition

We stand for


Innovation is the driving force behind our services; our commitment lies in harnessing the power of AI to drive growth and success.


Determination fuels our pursuit of success, ensuring we consistently deliver results. It's this resolute dedication that defines our approach, making us a relentless force in transforming e-commerce ambitions into reality.


Simplicity guides our approach to demystifying the complexities of e-commerce, ensuring our platform is accessible and intuitive.


Transparency serves as the cornerstone of our relationships; by maintaining openness in all KPIs and actions, we build trust and clarity, keeping clients informed and involved at every step.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Cyril Bourgois

CEO and Co-founder

Charlotte Courtois

COO & Co-founder

Clement Contamine

CTO & Co-founder

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