Amazon Basics & Introduction

February 1, 2024

What is Amazon brand Registry and is it worth it?

Unlock the Power of Amazon Brand Registry: Safeguard Your Business, Protect Your Brand, and Maximize Your Success on Amazon. Learn how to enroll, the essential conditions, and the benefits it offers for brand owners. Safeguard your brand with automated IP protection, gain control over product listings, and access exclusive selling benefits. Don't miss out on this crucial step for your Amazon business success

In the dynamic world of e-commerce, brand protection is a critical strategy for success. In massive online marketplaces like Amazon, brand visibility and integrity can significantly impact a business’s bottom line.

Amazon Brand Registry is a global service that authenticates and legitimizes your brand. Combating counterfeits and safeguarding intellectual property rights. Enrolling in Brand Registry unlocks a suite of tools that allow for more efficient management of your brand’s product listings, detection and reporting of IP infringements, and proactive measures against counterfeit products.

Three conditions to register your brands:

  1. Have a trademark registered, the one that appears on your products
  2. Be able to prove that you are the owner of the rights to the trademark
  3. Have an Amazon account

You must be the owner of the brand you want to register otherwise your application will be rejected

Amazon Brand Registry: Enroll your brand

In Application submission the following documents will be required :

  • Copy of proof of ownership of the commercial brand: registration certificate or deposit receipt or filing notice or deposit certificate
  • Photo of some products (outside or inside their packaging), clearly showing the name, logo or any other distinctive sign of the brand permanently affixed to the product. The images must show some products that we intend to sell on Amazon and must not be computer-generated.
  • A product sales invoice to a distributor in the network (with amounts masked)

Keep in mind

It takes an average of 10 business days to review Brand Registry applications. In some cases, Amazon may need additional information to verify your identity, which can extend the application review period.

Brand Registry benefits

1. Ability to report IP infringements for your brand

The Amazon Brand Registry utilizes automated protections that leverage trademark information to proactively remove listings that infringe or inaccurately represent your brand, significantly heightening brand protection. The more information you provide to the registry, the more effectively it can safeguard your brand, including automatically removing products from third-party sellers misusing your trademark. With advanced search tools and the registry's automatic content removal, the risk of trademark infringement is greatly reduced. Brand owners and manufacturers can swiftly address and remove counterfeit or unauthentic products from their listings, proving their trademark ownership to Amazon. This system also reduces issues with counterfeit goods and unauthorized alterations of product content by third-party sellers.

For brand owner: Once you’ve enrolled your brand in Amazon Brand Registry, you are assigned the roles of Rights Owner and Administrator. You have access to the report violations tool and to listing benefits

2. Access to listing benefits (modification of product detail pages, register product to your brand)

Enrolling in the Amazon Brand Registry empowers you with enhanced control over your product listings and representation on Amazon. This includes influence over the details displayed on product pages and the ability to ensure your brand is accurately portrayed. You gain access to sophisticated search tools, allowing for efficient content discovery via images or keywords. After identifying potential infringements, you can easily report them through guided workflows. Lastly, these reports will be reviewed and necessary actions will be taken by Amazon.

3. Access to selling benefits for your brand (creation of A+ content, creation of Brand stores, access to Sponsored Brand, Buy Box)

For brand owners having a Seller account : You can receive selling benefits if you ask the Brand Registry Support.

For external Seller accounts: They can receive selling benefits if you add them as Users to your Brand Registry before they ask to receive selling benefits to the Brand Registry Support. If you don’t add them as Users, they can contact Amazon Selling Partner Support directly to request selling benefits, but they will need to provide the required documents, such as evidence of their relationship through a distribution agreement, licensing agreement, email, or similar documents with expressed authorization.